Mission: Providing inspiration, advocacy, resources, support and gifting mobility aids to those with chronic illness and physical disabilities.

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Our Vision: Building a world where people with chronic illness and physical disabilities are empowered to thrive.
Our Purpose: : Allowing space for those living with chronic illness and physical disabilities to live their AND life and thrive!
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Hire Jayne Mattingly, founder of The AND Initiative, to speak at your in person or virtual event! Jayne shares her story of living with chronic illness and becoming newly disabled. She touches on the importance of Living AND, mobility aids, and living outside of our bodies rather than living FOR them.

Gifting AND destigmatizing mobility aids to those with physical disabilities and chronic illnesses that impair their daily mobility. Making mobility aids a piece of empowerment and inspiration within a person’s life, helping disabled folks not just survive but thrive in style. Folks with disabilities deserve ease, style and a bit of charm in their life, and using a proper mobility aid allows disabled folks to find empowerment in their diagnosis. Wheel chairs, rollators, canes and braces can help make someone’s life bigger and open up a world of possibilities. The AND Initiative believes that living with a disability doesn’t need to inhibit you from living the life you deserve, and mobility aids allow that life to come to fruition.

Helping people with disabilities and chronic illness to live a full life through increasing accessibility to support, equipment, and education they need to live the life they want.

Allowing humans with disabilities to live a bigger life with mobility aids that empower them.

Providing support and resources for those newly disabled learning how to not only survive but thrive! 
Providing resources, services and peer mentorship to those learning to live and wanting to thrive with new diagnosis and disabilities.  Gifting mobility aids to those with chronic illness and physical disabilities.

“Mobility aids can empower a person within their disability, not inhibit them.”