Well, let’s start with what we mean by AND.

Society loves to label people and put them into a box: disabled, mom, queer, sick, you name it!

But, these labels are never someone’s only identity, we as people have so much more depth than that.

Jayne herself is sick AND a CEO!

There is a person beyond the title, be it mom AND sexy, queer AND educator, or sick AND CEO.

Jayne’s mission with The AND Initiative is to normalize the idea that if someone is SICK or a MOM or any other label, that is not their only identity. The AND Initiative is designed to help everyone live their best AND life, and to empower and encourage everyone impacted by this movement to look beyond the face-value that society places on people. After all, we are PEOPLE; we need to humanize humans again.

Jayne has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, primary Immune deficiency, Intracranial Hypertension, Cranio Cervical Instability and other comorbidities. Jayne considered herself an able bodied, and healthy individual up until 2018 when her life came to a halt. It took Jayne a lot of courage, grief and acceptance to lean into her disability and use her mobility aids and mobility service dog. Initially Jayne felt shame and even embarrassment because of the need to use her rollator and wheel chair due to the ableist words she had heard from society her whole life. “Wheel chair bound,” “giving in”, “using a walker as a crutch,” all of these whisperings affected Jayne more than she realized, and with the help of community, and amazing mobility aid brands like, Byacre, she was able to find freedom in the AND. Jayne leaned into being sick AND CEO, Disabled AND thriving, struggling AND hopeful, and with AND…her life expanded, it got bigger. 

Jayne Mattingly is an eating disorder recovery coach, disability advocate and body acceptance influencer. She is the CEO of Recovery Love and Care, a global virtual eating disorder recovery coaching practice and training program. Through Recovery Love and Care University, the educational branch of her business, Jayne trains aspiring recovery coaches to care for patients holistically, ethically, and through a Health At Every Size lens. She also supervises a group of coaches weekly. In total, Recovery Love and Care has helped more than 300 people through recovery or training. Jayne has fully recovered from her eating disorder and holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, specializing in eating disorder recovery and body image struggles.  

Jayne is newly disabled and chronically ill, and has used that experience to inspire her latest project, The AND Initiative. The AND Initiative is a fund to provide resources to people with disabilities so they can live their fullest life. 

Jayne talks about eating disorder recovery and body acceptance disability issues daily with her engaged community of 18.9k Instagram followers. Jayne has been featured in NBC News, Apartment Therapy, the Sober Curious podcast, the Full and Thriving podcast, Fox 24 News Now, South Carolina Voyager and much more. 

She is based in Charleston, South Carolina, with her husband and pets.