How can you help?

There are several ways that you can be a part of The AND Initiative.

The first, is working to find your own personal AND, and sharing that with those around you, be it in-person or online, so that others are encouraged to find their AND too!

To contribute to The AND Initiative Fund, you can make direct donations here:

Donations go towards

Purchasing mobility aids:

While we are incredibly fortunate to have a wonderful partnership with Byacre and continue to explore company partnerships, we still have an ongoing need to purchase mobility aids. Mobility aids include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Walkers
  • Wheelchairs
  • Rollators
  • And more

All of these directly assist our recipients in living a more meaningful, safe, and independent life. The more mobility aids we can purchase, the more people we can help!

Shipping for mobility aids

Even with mobility aids that have been donated, the shipping cost will come directly from us. Because of the size of these mobility aids, there will be a significant cost associated with shipping any of these devices.

Time spent interviewing applicants eligible for mobility aids

In order to ensure that these mobility aids are an appropriate and safe fit, our staff will spend one-on-one time with each applicant to properly support and assist in the matching of mobility aids to recipients.

Time spent screening calls for peer mentorship

We take great pride in the knowledge, education, and expertise of our founder and staff. Our goal is to give back to others in a myriad of ways, one of which includes peer mentorship for others in the field. 

Creating and hosting support group for newly disabled and chronically ill folks. 

Community is integral for all of us, but with a group that is often marginalized and/or isolated, a safe community of folks with similar life experiences is even more necessary. In order for these support groups to be optimally beneficial and safe, we will have trained staff moderating and leading each group.

Time spent reaching out to donors 

Donations are what allows any nonprofit to run and we want to create meaningful, long-lasting relationships with our donors. Donations of any size mean that individual or business believes in our mission. We want to be sure our donors understand our appreciation for their support, which takes individual staff time.

Building and creating resources for those newly diagnosed with chronic illness

Disability and chronic illness can be an incredibly confusing experience, especially in the beginning for folks without a proper support network. By offering free, easy to access resources on our site, we are able to provide immediate, tangible assistance to anyone that may need it.


Advocacy will include a variety of ways that we will provide support and education to the chronic illness community, their loved ones, and helping professionals. These avenues will include:

  • Informative posts via Instagram
  • Speaking events
  • Networking
  • Articles on our site

In the future, we will be adding a YouTube channel for more in-depth topics, as well!

Speaking events

In order to better serve our community, our founder Jayne, is available for virtual speaking events. Utilizing the knowledge and experience she has gained from her education as well as her personal and professional experiences, she can provide vital education to chronically ill folks, their loved ones, and the professionals that serve them. Donations mean that we can keep our speaking events as financially accessible as possible, and serve the communities that can benefit the most.

Start up costs

Start up costs with a nonprofit can be daunting but are an integral part of our success as an organization. From things as small as office supplies, to consultations with experts to ensure we are functioning as optimally as possible, start-up costs can be significant!

Hire Jayne Mattingly, founder of The AND Initiative, to speak at your in person or virtual event! Jayne shares her story of living with chronic illness and becoming newly disabled. She touches on the importance of Living AND, mobility aids, and living outside of our bodies rather than living FOR them.

One last thing!

Be sure to follow Jayne on the Recovery Love and Care Instagram, as she shares more about the initiative, and her own personal AND life, and feel free to share her posts and stories as well to help spread the word. 

If you feel that you are in need of help from The AND Initiative to live your best AND life, be sure to email your video to [email protected]

 Keep scrolling to learn more about Jayne’s own personal AND, and the reason why she started this initiative! 

Please direct all initiative related inquiries to [email protected].