The Costs of Living Disabled

Living in the US with a disability or chronic illness is staggeringly expensive for the vast majority of disabled folks- to truly understand how expensive, let’s review some numbers:

According to Dr. Zachary Morris,, they “estimate that a household containing an adult with a work disability requires, on average, … an additional $18,322 a year for a household at the median income level to obtain the same standard of living as a comparable household without a member with a disability.”*

When we note that, according to the Disability Compendium, disabled individuals live at a poverty rate of 25.9% in the US (compared to 11.4% of their non-disabled peers)**- this cost becomes even more staggering to consider. And of course, when an individual with a disability does not have the mobility aids they need- they are likely to face even more challenges when accessing employment.

The cost of a mobility aid varies significantly, from around $70 for a budget rollator, to over $700 for a high-quality rollator. Wheelchairs start at around $150 and can go well into the thousands for a custom wheelchair.

Every individual deserves to navigate the world safely and comfortably, regardless of their disability or ambulation needs. By donating mobility aids to the individuals that need them, we are removing one barrier to living the quality of life that anyone deserves.